I'm a little hesitant to draw attention to this.

Let's face it.
I've done it a little too much.

I'm telling you anyway.

I've made some changes to my look.

I know. I know.
Forgive me.
I love change. I can't help it.

I came home from wppi wanting to redo my look.
It needed it to represent more than just my work.
It needed to illustrate something about me.


What about me?

I knew the answer about as quickly as I asked myself the question.
Letters. Words.

I love the way they look.

It became a matter of how to do it.
Inspiration came. At the movie theatre of all places.

Ideas were written down.
Scratched out. And written down again.
And again.

Until it came together.
And oh how I love the way it came together.

Here to stick around awhile:

You like?
Come on my non commenting followers.
It's your turn. :)
I know, that's so annoying.
ahhh. Should I delete it?
Nope. It's done.


Ashley said…
Wow! I love the new look. I love your new saying: SMILE... I love how clean it all is. I love that it's different from other photographers! You're getting ridiculously good. It's sick.
lauren valeen said…
definitely classic and original. how do you get to be soooo creative!!!
I love the "O" in O neal :)
{Amanda G} said…
I have been a follower for over 2 years and just now have the courage to speak up. I love everything that you do and the new look is so inspiring! You have so much talent and the world is a better place because you are sharing your talent with the world.
mickisha said…
Love it Jess! It looks good on you:)

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