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...of things to come:


Baby G

I've been lucky to have a few newborn shoots within the last couple of weeks. Really I should say my husband is lucky, because I get my baby fix. :)
How could I not, being around sweet little babies like this?:


laura | Orem Utah Photographer

love this lady.
i'de bet if you know her, that you do too!
laura is my dear friends mom.


sneak peek

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Ailee | Utah Newborn Photographer

Meet my the newest member of my extended family, my cousin's daughter. She has the thickest, darkest hair and I wanted to take her home for the day and snuggle her. She is beautiful.
My Mom made this head band from our Grandma's stuff, who recently passed on.
Cute and sentimental.

blossoms are on

i've promised a few of you that i would let you know when the blossoms are on in the orchards... and it's officially that time.

contact me asap if you would like pictures with the blossoms.
i expect them to be around for the next couple of weeks at most.


Kyla | Orem Utah Children's Photographer

Six months is one of my favorite ages to adore these little ones.
This one in particular because she was so funny.
Her parents rocked! I love it when parents will be as silly as possible with me to get their kids to give us real expressions.




just had to share more.


lots of...

...craziness happend here!

my mom with her seven little grandkids.


let your light shine

your never too old to party.