M Bridals

This is my friend Merrily. She may look familiar to you. She was kind enough to model for me awhile back for some bridal shots. Now this time around it's the real deal and I couldn't be more thrilled for her! Congrats Merr!



I am back from my long weekend spent with family... not long because I was with family. =) Long because we headed up to our family cabin and spent 3 great days together playing as we know best!

(From left: Me, my brother in law & his son, my hubby, my sister in law)


Weekend Fun

I will be returning all calls and emails Monday, July 27th.
Until then I leave you with a little preview of things to come:



Another great friend of mine and her family.
These pictures are them in every way!


Jamie & Claudia

So we are racing with the sun to get pictures, as this train drives by and we go running over to get some shots with it in the background.
We all had a good laugh when we saw this go by:

ha ha!
On a more serious note, this was a fun session.
These two are getting married and wanted some pictures that were them. Jamie builds bikes, so he brought his along. Needless to say I was happy and thought it made for some fun pictures.

AND Claudia, here is a little sneak peek for you baby:


L Family

Nat is a great friend of mine, and she has such a sweet little family. I was able to photograph them while little N was still in her tummy. (She is the one with the cute little belly on my website.) Now look how he's grown. I'm always amazed at how time just keeps flyin' by!

Love this one:


C Kids

I like to think I have a special touch with babies! Ha! Anyone that knows me knows that probably isn't true. I think it's really that the babies I've been around have been really good for me. This baby was so good for me. He made my job a breeze.
Cute kids.


Peterson Family

More to come.

I say that a lot lately.


W Family

Thankfully we came prepared with mosquito repellant! I thought I was thoroughly drenched in it. Apparently if you don't bath in it, you will still be eaten alive. I got a bite on my knuckle! So lesson learned, next time I need to get my finger tips too. It was worth it though!


W & S

I met Scott last summer on a bike ride with the TNR's. He is my brothers friend and I was thrilled when Whitney contacted me to do their pictures.
I am so excited for everything upcoming with these two! Besides the fact that they are so cute together, they are fun and easy going... and I love that.


S Family

Meet one of the sweetest families ever! I only spent about an hour with them... but in that time I could tell that they were so kind. This little guy had such a cute room, and was perfect! I didn't hear a peep from him the whole time and he even dozed off for us a couple of times too.
Big sister... ADORABLE. I love how she kept asking me for cookies. Apparently she loves cookies.
Thanks again.


...One More

Two posts in one day whoo whoo!
... told you she is cute! and no, I couldn't wait. =)

Baby Love

I am so far behind on posting, so if you have already picked up your images just know that I am getting around to posting from our session together!

For now I am just going to share a couple from this fantastic shoot. I'm not sure these are my favorites, I want to save those to share later... =) but had to throw a couple up that I am loving now! This little guy also has the CUTEST big sister who just had a birthday. So I got to take pictures of her too. Yeah!