I will be away for the rest of the week.
And by away I mean away from email and phone.
I will however be back Monday, relaxed and ready to come back to real life.
All contact will be continued then.

A little look at a fun outing I had the other night with a couple of other photographers/friends.
We met to meet. We shot each other. We had fun.

p.s. see more on Kiera's blog here.
she is so incredibly talented.


{lizzythebotanist} said...

the rain worked!!! great job! and i LOVE the b&w one of me (meaning i love the shot, not myself. but i do like myself in the photo...er...you know what i mean).

Holly-girl said...

Gorgeous pics of all three of you! Looking forward to seeing your next collaboration! :-)

mickisha caye said...

These are so beautiful Jess! Totally editorial style and gorgeous!

creamofthecropdesigns said...

Oh!! I love the picture of Kiera!!! She's such a doll!! Nice job.


Kiera said...

Jessie! That water shot looks GREAT!! I cant wait to actually shoot that idea in full. Without the 50 mph wind gusts. :)