Robison Family

Beautiful family right here I would say! I have to admit I was a little anxious for this session when Alison contacted me and said she has five children. :) The nerves settled the moment I got there and met them. They were much better behaved than I had it played out in my mind! I think I imagine things worst case so that I feel prepared, and not let down. Enough about me, back to the Robison gang. Awesome family!!



Shannon and I contacted each other awhile back. I don't remember exactly how we found each other, somehow online. We commented on each others blogs occasionally. Time went by without contact and then one day I had an email from her asking me to take her family pictures! Let me just say, when another photographer asks me to take their family pictures I feel an onset of emotions. First are the butterflies. Followed by the butterflies & then some more butterflies. All at the same time! (I do have to throw gratitude in there somewhere as well).

My favorite part of this session was hard to narrow down, but was the blanket that Shannon brought. It was made from pieces of her mothers clothing who passed away last year. I got a little lump in my throat as I quickly choked back emotion and silently connected with her.
On a lighter note, another favorite was watching their dog jump over this little hill of dirt! It was seriously cool and very entertaining!


me mine ours

family pictures 2010
taken by Kiera

the rest will debut with our Christmas Cards.

have a happy weekend!



Is naturally beautiful, and was kind enough to let me get her wet.
More from this rad session another day.


Chipman Family

It's always fun when you come to a shoot ready to meet the family you will be working with and you already know them, only didn't make the connection! Candace is a friend of my brother, and because of her married name I didn't connect the dots when we were talking back and forth through email. I was pleasantly surprised when I got out of the car and thought she looks SO familiar!
I loved the light this beautiful location has to offer, the sense of humor this family has, and being reminded how different it to work with a group of adults that actually hold still and do just as you say.

Candace brought this rug (one that I dream of owning I might add) to incorporate into her pictures. I love the idea of bringing something from your home to personalize your pictures, and would encourage everyone to do the same.
I can picture this picture hanging on the wall in the same room this rug is displayed.


Black Family

Sometimes it's a little too easy to get carried away with photoshop.
Agreed? Thought so.
How about a picture today that is straight out of the camera.

You can get away with that (straight out of camera) when you have a beautiful family like this and a killer old school orange truck to sit around!



My busy season has officially begun, which means fewer pictures on the blog in order to keep my life in balance.
Get ready for some preview overloads around here.
Louri, and Fam, this one's for you:


Rachel + Jase

Rachel contacted me awhile back to take her engagement pictures. After learning a little more about them, I found that they love to be outside doing things together. I thought the perfect spot for them would be up the canyon. Outdoors, for some picture taking time!
My favorite thing about these two is the way they giggled together. Loved it.
Congrats you two!


H + J Married

Remember this couple's engagement session?
They are back to debut as Mr. & Mrs. after a beautiful wedding day at the Salt Lake Temple followed by their reception at Somewhere In Time.
I especially love watching the way Jaren makes Holly feel at ease and the way they seem so connected and comfortable with each other. You would think they've been best friends forever!


Labor Day Discount

With it being Labor Day and all, I'm going to touch on a matter of business.

Think ahead for a moment. Think Christmas.
Remember those cards we all love to send out & get, and how Grandma & Grandpa always love an updated picture of those they love most?
Now think if you've already got those lined up?

Saturdays are almost filled, so if you want one take a moment right now and grab it.
Did you do it?
Weekday evenings are available as well.
Prices are found on my website under details > investment. Remember to check them out as I've made a slight change.

Thank you to everyone who has already scheduled!
Happy Labor Day!

Speaking of Labor Day, how about a Labor Day Special!?!
Schedule a session Monday September 6th - Wednesday the 8th before 10 pm for Fall 2010 and get 10% off your session price.

Now did you do it? :)

And for your browsing pleasure, today I give you my older brother's family: