Valentine Mini Session | Round One

Round one, meaning the pictures below are where I used my kids as guinea pigs to test the backdrop and props to see where I needed to make changes. Glad I did, my first Eiffel Tower looked more like a gnome's hat and of course I spelled Mon Amour wrong... Mi Amor. Then Mi amour. (Yes I misspelled it TWICE!) We are trying to make this take place in France after all. I even spell checked it. A whole lot of good that did. Happy with the result, you betcha! Now I can't wait for my new dark grey paper to get here so I can draw the real scene for my upcoming mini sessions. Which by the way, I still have two spots left. P.S. If you think this is it, it's not. I have a few other things up my sleeve as well. P.P.S The red suspenders are available to anyone that would like to add them to their outfit. Come to think of it, you can borrow any of the clothes I have.


W Family

At the end of the summer I worked with Desiree from Unconventional Kitchen on a project for her newly revamped website.
She is an amazing person and I am so inspired by her and her love for promoting a healthy lifestyle.
I put together a quick slideshow with the pictures we got.
Watch it. It tells a lovely little story.

Ward from Jessie O'Neal on Vimeo.