B Family Preview

On the way to this shoot I was thinking about how photography has pushed me. I thought back to my first shoot in Salt Lake over two years ago, and how nervous I was to drive in the "big city." I remember google mapping the directions and practically memorizing where I would be driving. It's those one way streets that had me terrified. Once I got over that fear, I learned it's actually nothing to be afraid of. No need to panic if I take a wrong turn. Which I did, I usually do. (Not the panic part, the wrong turn part). Thankfully Ashlie and her family were more than patient. Speaking of Ashlie & her family aren't they a fashionable group!? Mom is actually a photographer herself and knows how to work the whole picture day thing!


judd and ash said…
you rock! thanks for being so patient with my crazy little men, love them!

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