Let me connect the dots between how I know this handsome little guy.

His Dad & my husband work together.
I went to school with his uncle.
His Mom's cousin is a good friend of ours.
And that is where the connections lie.

...and I'm so glad they do because I will tell you, it's a treat to be able to photograph him!


Spring said…
Cute! This is one of my most favorites of your shoots. I love the ones that look like you just captured him in the middle of playing. Love it! (P.S. I found your blog linked to one of my friend's. :) )
Two Wheeler said…
Love these! Partly because I love this little guy and partly because the shots are so amazing! Good job at bringing out his personality Jess.
Anonymous said…
i love little nix! the ones with the jones bottles are awesome!!
Casey Martinez said…
Hands down one of the cutest little boys I've ever seen in my life and two...hands down some of my all time favorite pictures you have ever taken. They are beautiful!!

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