Announcing Mini Sessions

Because of a number of things, good weather on Saturday being one of them, I am offering family mini sessions!!
I know! It's a first.
And just in the nick of time to get pictures for those Christmas cards you know you want to send. Details:
This Saturday, December 1st
20 minute session with yours truly
10 images on a cd
Location to be announced

Contact me if interested.


B Family

It is November, the month we concentrate a little more on the blessings in our lives. Today I want to say thank you to all of my wonderful photography clients who have kept returning to me over the years. It's been a learning and growing experience, and still its. When I first started I remember I would get so nervous. I would literally shake. I would pray on my way to each session for calm nerves, and give thanks for the opportunity to take someones pictures. I made a promise to myself that when I got to the point that I no longer needed to pray for calm nerves, I would never stop giving thanks to God for this gift of creativity I have been given. To this day you can bet I say a prayer of thanks before each and every session.
Photography goes deeper than filling a need to create. We've all experienced love. The blow of loss has touched us all. A picture gives us something tangible to hold onto from the past. That is why it is so important to me. That is why it is so important to you. And that is why I take pictures.
So today let me express my gratitude to all of you. May you know that you have blessed my life in so many ways. You've helped my family through struggling school years, given me reason to push myself in ways I may not otherwise have, and created lasting friendships.
Today, and everyday, I am thankful. For you, and for this gift we all have within our reach. Photography.

T Family

My older brother and his adorable family. They live in Idaho so we sneak in a family picture session here and there when they come to visit. Love them. So much.



L Family

I especially love toward the end where the family is sitting together...
and the funny face picture - classic ;)


J Family Movie

I've always wanted to create family movies for my clients.
I finally did it! YAY.

If you are interested in a family picture/movie session like this shoot me an email:


Baby G

Baby Griff looks just like his Mom, his Dad, and his big sister! Explain that one.
I'm envious of all his hair and think the world of him. He is my cousins babe and I can't wait to watch him grow!

Baby L

I'm so lucky to have so many great friends that are having babies... I feel like my blog is full of newbies and I love it. This is my sweet friend Emily's darling little girl. She fought off sleeping, but once we got her, we got her good. :)


T Picnic

I love family sessions that are centered around an event, such as going on a picnic:

I also love the T family, and was so happy when Mom asked if I would take pictures of them on a picnic. She has arranged the cutest collage for her walls by their kitchen table.
If you want pictures and a fun little video of your family doing something you enjoy together, contact me. I would be tickled to do it for you too. :)


I'm selling some photography props.
I have an antique baby buggy, some trunks, and a sweet antique pedal firetruck.
Contact me if interested.

G Girls


Baby P

My friends Gina and Brad have long awaited this little angel.
I have this memory of us sitting around on our sofa seven years ago when they came to meet our first born. Followed by many more memories of them loving and supporting us and our friends through all the pregnancy's and births over the years. Now, seven years later I'm thrilled that my husband and I finally got the chance to sit on their sofa and witness our dear friends being a Mother and Father to their precious little Bee. I was also fortunate to photograph & video this little threesome and let me just tell you, the love is so strong you can taste it!

So here's to Phoebe! Love you guys.


I'm back from my maternity leave and now scheduling again.
If you would like to contact me you can find my contact info on the right side of my newly designed blog. Look for the little black pop out menu.

*My website is no more. Please enjoy my blog as I plan to update it more frequently.


Baby B

My dear friend and I had a babies within a few days of each other. Isn't he as perfect as can be?


Baby A

Announcing the newest member to my family:

Born April 4th
7 lbs 19.5 in

See more of her here.


Baby N

... Such a sweet little baby.


Baby T

Taking pictures of a newborn when you are about to have one yourself.
Will put you into labor. Or at least wish you were. ;)

*Forgive me for being MIA. One day I will slowly surface around here again.


Mini Session

Don't forget to reserve your spot for your child's mini session, this Saturday!
It will be one like never before!

I only offer mini sessions at this price each year at Valentines, so if you need cute pictures... now is the time!
(Expect something similar to the above pictures. This year we are throwing out the props, and going for simple. Dress over the top in valentine colors, or not... you decide.)