K is kute! That's for dang sure!



I've drawn two conclusions:
One: that my son is incapable of taking a good picture while eating an ice cream cone.
two: that I am incapable of directing him to be able to take a good picture while eating an ice cream cone.
I'm still wondering which of the above it is! And I'm also wondering why in the world I carry on a separate family blog on top of my photography blog, when really a lot (I dare say most) is going on over there. I'm considering merging. hmmm.

(Pics taken on a recent family trip down South. Not like to the real South where I REALLY want to go. Southern Utah).


Kaaihue Family

Spring is upon us and I am starting to feel back in the swing of things.
Taking pictures. Check.
Blogging them. Double Check...

Everything about this family was enjoyable!
Love me some Kaaihue's!

P.S. Side note... Dad is being deployed in the next little while.
Special thanks to him and all who serve to protect our freedom!



Her birthday presents have finally emerged from their slumber.
If you can't tell, she is thrilled.

More over here...


Baby E

There is a new baby in my family. My sister & brother in law had a darling little girl, who I must say is beyond perfect. Just look at her little face, and her beautiful skin. She behaved like an angel for me while taking these. Can you believe she didn't wake up once?! That is something with all the moving we had her doing. ;)