Isn't my sister in law a beauty!?


c kids

I'm liking the contrast between the two of these pictures!
Every so often I love to share some "out-takes" if you want to call them that.
Really these "out-takes" are often among my favorites.

More to come from all of these little beauties.


Baby E

These pictures were made for talkin'
and that's just what they'll do...



My sweet friend Kiera invited me to shoot film with a group of other incredibly talented photographers. The idea was for us all to get together and shoot a roll of film. I am head over heels in love with the door that I just opened. The potential growth that can be achieved from taking my shooting back to film is overwhelming and exciting all in one breathe.



Today was perfect.
It started with a little of this:

And ended with of little of that:

Happy sneak peeking!

B Rocks

Meet my BF. My go to girl for everything.
She is an amazing Woman. Wife. Mom. Friend.
I am amazingly blessed to know her & have her in my life!