Baby E {Orem Utah Children Photographer}

I can't wait for you to see more of this little babe, She looks just like the cutest cabbage patch doll you've ever seen!


Self Portrait

I learned about a group on Facebook: "The Photo Challenge" through this talented photographers blog and joined it myself.
We are given a weekly challenge/assignment to participate in.
Can I just tell you how excited I am to be doing this!!!
It's just what I have been needing to push myself back to taking pictures just for fun... for ME. (I take them all the time of my kids for myself, but that's not the same).

This week: Self Portraits; focusing on simplicity, & intriguing lighting
Sounds simple right?
It's not that easy to get a picture of yourself in focus, at an angle that you look great, with good composition - without being behind the camera! At least not for me.
But it was a great learning experience.
I now know what angles I shouldn't be photographed: close up, mug shot! ;)



Love LOVE Love


Baby G

... Only she's not such a baby anymore. I wish I could link you back to see her previous pictures I have taken (but again I can't because of my foolishness) of this blue eyed beauty. I have been lucky enough to photograph her and her family a handful of times and every time I see her she just get's cuter and cuter. She's about to have a birthday soon too, so you may just be seeing her again.


Two Smiles

These two adorable blondes are my cousins little girls.
The littlest one is a character. She was so funny to try to get to smile. After a little while of pictures on Mom's lap I had her warmed up. Sometimes I have to trick the kids and make them think they are doing something else other than taking pictures. A little distraction never hurt.
As for big sister, she is on her way toward a modeling career if she chooses. She is a little poser and I couldn't get enough of her.



My friend and I went to the Studio Lighting, Photowalking Utah event this past weekend put on by Rich Legg. It was a lot of fun to walk around and see all the different lighting setups they had available, and even funner to be able to take pictures at each one. It was a great learning experience and just fun to get out and enjoy photography with so many others who also love it.

I cut her hand off, but I still like the picture:


Happy Holiday Weekend

I hope you all have a great Valentines Weekend.
I know I will. I plan to go see the new movie Valentines Day. Imagine that.
You doing anything fun?

This is my sis-in-laws boyfriends daughter.
She is beautiful.
I love taking pictures of her.


Valentine Cards

Someone asked my son the other day if he had a girlfriend. It was SO funny to see his reaction. He sat there and thought about it for a good few seconds, and then it was like a light went off. His whole body reacted as he laughed and said "NOOOO!" (Like, eew - gross!)

He had his Valentine Party today for preschool.
Here are the cards we made up for him:
(Idea was from my creative Sister In Law, who saw it on this fantastic blog).

The back looked like this:


Miss S

This years Valentine Mini Session was so much fun for me from start to finish.
I had fun dreaming up ideas, sorting through which ones to actually use, cutting wood, painting, and so on.

This one in particular paid off.
Not only did it make for a cute backdrop and pictures, but this little darlings Dad is a super talented painter.
I have a feeling these will melt his heart.


Mr. H

Meet my cute nephew.
He is all boy.
He came at the end of the mini sessions and we decided to take a few pictures of him and surprise his momma (who wasn't there). I think he was showing off for his audience because he was on a roll with all of his funny expressions.

...and I am so happy that my blog is finally fixed so that I can display pictures the way I have been wanting to for awhile now: in storyboard form.


Facebook & WPPI

I just started Jessie O'Neal Photography Group on Facebook.
Truth be told I'm not even sure I did it right.
I do have big plans for it, that is once I learn how to get around on there.


I am officially going to WPPI this year with a couple other fellow photographer friends and can not wait.
We have room for one more if you want to plan a last minute trip and join us. We'd love to have more company.
Email me if you are interested.

Another picture from my sessions this last weekend.



Sleep, what sleep?
Earlier this evening I couldn't stop yawning. I thought I would just upload the pictures from todays Valentine Mini Sessions and be off to bed. I should have known better. I couldn't tear myself away from looking through every last picture.
To all the lovely's who came today... you've got some sweet pictures heading your way! I'm giddy right now I'm so excited about them. YAY. Thanks for a great day, for making my life so enjoyable by being able to meet all of you and know you and your adorable kids.

Here is the one I chose to throw up here on this ol' blog tonight:

These are the moments I love to capture.
This year I promise to bring you all more lifestyle photographs. Not so posed. Get ready.


Winter Fun

I sometimes have these moments where I think I will open up a little and share some true emotions and thoughts on life and what is running through my head here on my photography blog. I will type up a novel, read through it a couple of times and then delete it and push publish post. I will at least share this: amid all of life's ugliness, and the horrible things that can and all too often do go wrong, there is so SO so much good. I stand {kneel} amazed at peoples courage and strength through hard times. We truly do bear each others burdens so that they may be made lighter for those who are suffering. For that I am thankful. It's a wheel that we all take a turn on. How fortunate are we that when another is on it, we can help keep them afloat. Today I am a little {a lot} extra thankful for these little bugs that make me happy/crazy/LAUGH/cry/tired/happy/insane & happy all over again in a matter of moments: