... & My Family

And here is the one I put up big on the shelf:

Thanks again Emily!


Photo Swap

Emily emailed me awhile back wanting to do a photo-swap session for each other while she was in town. I was thrilled that she would want me to take pictures of her with her boys. (Hubby was home in Texas.) Being that we photographers are usually behind the camera - it's rare to actually be in the pictures with your kids, so I was excited for this adventure.
(My family pictures that Emily took will be coming soon. Check here for a little sneak peek on Emily's blog...)


My Sister Emily

Who is beautiful and has me to thank for leaving her the good looks and not taking them for myself! ha. ha.
I can't wait to share more from our session together but I need to finish them first. She found this dress in a house full of stuff, that was left for them to clean up and rent out. It was a perfect fit and the rest goes without saying...


T Fam

My Brother and his family are moving across the country to SC and I'm going to miss them! Perfect time for pictures.


Whitney's Bridals

I've been holding off on this post until their big day...
I'm off for the big event and can't wait. I love weddings!


S Family

This was a last minute shoot for me filling in for another photographer.
Lucky me because it was a pleasure meeting this family!


Baby A

Meet my friends newest addition:
(She is a doll to be around, and I think I'm jealous of all her hair!)



This was a treat for me to be able to be a part of this wedding. These two found love again, reunited at a school reunion. I loved every minute of it and wish them a happy life together!