My little lady here to remind you:

With only two spots left, remember that this is a great time to get pictures of your little ones at a discounted rate. This only happens once a year peeps.

For a reminder on the details go here.


Winter Wonderland

I had the most amazing Christmas spent with family tucked away in the woods.


A & C | Orem Utah Child Photographer

My sweet friend Mickisha had a big addition to her family recently. Before her upcoming move across the country she had me photograph her two little ladies.



First of all, thanks to everyone who supports me in this thing we call photography. I love it. I love all of you!

Second of all, apologies all around for not posting pictures from our sessions together here on the blog. After much harassment from family and friends, I am going to give it a go and recommit to blogging. I will be honest, I've really enjoyed the absence. What started out as being too busy with the remodel of our home on top of keeping up with my business in it's busiest season, the holidays, and my Mom's wedding.... turned into a long vacation from anything on the computer that wasn't absolutely necessary. I would be a liar if I didn't admit that I loved it!

(Blog posts, back to a priority)...

Here are just a few images you may see soon on my updated website.




Officially my favorite magazine EVER.

The layout is incredible.
The stories and poems alway make me contemplate the things that really matter in life.
The photography is beautiful.

Thank you Ellen for introducing me to it.
Thank you Cole for the best Christmas present ever.