J Family Movie

I've always wanted to create family movies for my clients.
I finally did it! YAY.

If you are interested in a family picture/movie session like this shoot me an email:


Baby G

Baby Griff looks just like his Mom, his Dad, and his big sister! Explain that one.
I'm envious of all his hair and think the world of him. He is my cousins babe and I can't wait to watch him grow!

Baby L

I'm so lucky to have so many great friends that are having babies... I feel like my blog is full of newbies and I love it. This is my sweet friend Emily's darling little girl. She fought off sleeping, but once we got her, we got her good. :)


T Picnic

I love family sessions that are centered around an event, such as going on a picnic:

I also love the T family, and was so happy when Mom asked if I would take pictures of them on a picnic. She has arranged the cutest collage for her walls by their kitchen table.
If you want pictures and a fun little video of your family doing something you enjoy together, contact me. I would be tickled to do it for you too. :)