Baby C

I love it when you get to talking with someone and you figure out you have some sort of connection. Turns out that I used to work for this little sweet hearts uncle back in the day when I used to be a dental assistant.

Isn't she sweet.



learned a ton.
came home refreshed & inspired.
ready to get to work.
ready to get things the way they should be.

highlights from the trip:
spending time with friends
attending classes. among my favorites:
jonathan canlas
tamara lackey
jasmine star

we got in trouble for this one below.
i thought for a minute they were going to confiscate our memory cards or something.



change of plans: for now my new website is no longer existing. please enjoy my original website, and i will enjoy being able to actually get into my email and receive them from you!
long story short, it's been a major let down for me considering I wasted countless hours putting it together.

until i update pricing on my original website here is how it has changed:

new sessions available:
head shots ($30.00 your favorite three images)
studio mini sessions ($100.00 your favorite 10 images, $50.00 per additional child; 5 additional pictures per child scheduled).

studio mini sessions are perfect for growth landmarks such as 6 months, birthdays or any special occasion, and are available weekdays after 2:00 pm.

wedding prices have also changed... I now have a new package offered.
That will be announced soon.


new website up. email down

my new website is launched and will be up and running within the next day or two.
(crossing my fingers that it's sooner)
get on there and take a look around. make sure to note the new studio mini sessions that i am now offering ALL THE TIME. that's great news right!!

in the mean time my email might be down for a day or two.
please be patient during this time.


...and a few pictures of my Ella celebrating her birthday:

P Family

More pictures from my session with this awesome family. This shoot was a long time in the making. We tried last year while family was in town but the weather and timing didn't allow it. I'm so happy that we were able to work it out this time around.

Things that I loved about this family:
Dad carried his camera around to catch as many candid moments as he could.
One of the boys found a bug (I think it was a worm) and almost ate it!
How fun and relaxing they are... up for whatever and so great to work with.


Head Shots

Among the new sessions available: head shots.

I used to be neighbors with these two witty youngsters.
(If you didn't know we moved. We are currently cramping my mom's style and living in her basement while we look for just the right new place to call home. If you know that place, call me).
I'm convinced these kids are in the right field: acting.
They had me giggling the entire session.
Check out both of their genuine smiles. I'de give them a call after seeing these pictures on their resumes! hehe


New Look

exciting news!
check back soon... exciting things happening here at JOP
fresh new look (here to stay this time, i swear)!
new website
new prices, something for everyone. no more flat rate session prices
new products

a little sneak peek:



I'm back from WPPI, a week long photography convention held in Las Vegas. I would sum it up as an information packed week spent learning and playing. You have to play a little in Vegas right? Expect some changes over the next couple of months! (All good of course).


My Girl

It's my little ladies b-day today... Wishing her the happiest birthday a little girl can have!
Miss you baby!


One Picture Posted

... and I'm off for a photography convention in Vegas!!!

Be back to answer all emails and phone calls later next week.



This is for my anonymous commenter; although I think I know who anonymous is. (Wink)

Are they not the cutest kids EVER? (Beside yours & mine of course). :)
Look close at the color of those eyes.



Last weeks pictures from my Photo Challenge Group "Shadows"