B Cousins | Utah Children Photographer

I have amazing clients, although I prefer to call them my friends, who return year after year. Each time I'm amazed at how much growth has taken place. I've photographed these littles since they were young and needed mom near to feel confident and ok in front of the camera. Now the oldest are old enough that if I ask them to do a twirl, it just doesn't really work right, and the youngest is totally comfortable with me getting all up in her space. Sheesh. Time, just slow down a little.


Baby J | Utah Valley Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Remember my dear friends baby P from this same time last year? Well she is now a big sister! Yay. Welcome little J, we love you so!!!


Trevor & Lisa | Wedding Day

Let's go back to the first of March shall we.
To the day my baby brother and his beautiful fiancé got married.
I remember beautiful weather, A LOT of kissing, my five year old making me want to leave her in Manti, happy smiles, laughing, crying, and some more kissing! (If you know Trevor and Lisa, that's funny!)
Love you both!