Have I told you that I have a slight infatuation with water?
I do. I LOVE it. I have for as long as I can remember.
I would beg to be at the pool.
I would sit outside with a hose, spraying the water. Mesmerized by it.
I would dream of living near the coast.
I feel like I'm at peace.
Like a part of me is found when I am in/near water.
So naturally the thought of pictures involving water excites me.
It floods my creative mind. ;)

Here are some of the pictures we took the other day when I fb that I needed some willing subjects to let me photograph them in the rain. While it didn't end up raining on us, we still managed to have some fun with the puddles.
More rain pictures to come.
(And THANKS to those who volunteered! It isn't too late. I need more models for upcoming shoots. Contact me to get on my list. I will need all ages of children, single women & men, families & couples. Basically I need a variety.)


Black & White

Why is it not always easy to see things in black and white?

This is what I should do.
Is this what I should do?
This has got to be it!
Is this it?
What am I doing?
What do I want?
How do I get there?

The worst part is I KNOW what I want.
But how do I get there?

Try again.
And again.

I'm on a new adventure to get myself to where I want to be.
As a person.
As a photographer.
As a whole.



This sweet little gal was so full of personality.
& I can't get enough of her beautiful little face!
Loved every minute with her.



I literally can not WAIT to get back out into the world and start shooting more sessions like the following. I'm hoping (like everyone else) that the sun will finally be around to stay and that we will all be able to get out and enjoy her warmth.