D Family

There are so many cute pictures from my session with this family that I will be working on - I can't wait! It's not that often you get three kids that are so well behaved and to get a wee little one that will actually stand and do just I what I say... that practically never happens. It was a great evening. Cold. But great!


Lots of little previews happening right now:



If there was ever a little one I wanted to take home with me she is it!
She and her family braved rain, hail, and byu football traffic for this shoot! Nothing was going to stop us, and I'm so glad it couldn't because I adore this family.
Here she is stoppin' in the puddles after we waited out the hail and rain under a pavilion:


Christmas Cards

A little preview of the Christmas Cards I will be offering my clients this year.
Contact me for pricing information through my contact bar on my website:



I will come back and post more on these and past shoots when things slow down a bit. In the mean time, a little teaser to hold you over:

The K Family:

H & C:

Baby Blessing:

C Family:

...and one more with the A Family:


A Fam Damly

You would never know what went into getting this shot by looking at it!!
Let's just say a little sweat, and tears. Luckily no blood. LUCKILY.
Cute family right!


G Kids

Meet my cousins beautiful kids:



I photographed this little guy awhile back, and now he is sitting up and as cute as can be. I am in love with his big dark eyes. (And Brett, I'm pretty sure I won't mistake your name from here on out!! - no promises though! Thanks again you guys. Enjoy a little preview for now!)


S Family

What a sweet family, and oh. my. do they have style.


New Studio Backdrops

I've had a few recent calls about studio sessions and the different backdrops I have available.
My studio space is a natural light studio for the time being, and is quite small. At this time I don't do family sessions in it. When that changes I will let you all know.
I just got a few new ones, take a look:
(And please excuse the models. Trying to get your own kids to take pictures can sometimes be a nightmare. This was one of those times. So much so in fact that I'm not going to attempt a reshoot for awhile. I'm still recovering. haha)

Also, I've created a label on my sidebar for previous posts done with any of my studio backdrops for those wanting to see examples of what I've done and have available. This can be helpful when planning outfits. (AND the two different pink tutu's seen in some posts are available for use when doing a session with me.)




Fall snuck up on me overnight. It's here friends, and before we know it we'll be carving the turkey, and singing along to our favorite Christmas songs.
I L.O.V.E. this time of the year - the chill in the air, the sweaters that get pulled out of the closet, and family pictures with the beautiful fall colors. Here are a few previews for these lovely families I worked with recently.

E Family:

T Family:

Baby M:


H & A Preview

Haley you are so incredibly stunning!!! It almost makes me sick ;)
I can't stop staring at your eyes you beautiful thing!


One Year

This little sweetheart is my sister in laws friends daughter. Small world. Her momma also went to school with my sister. I love it when people are up for anything, even when it means pulling over unexpectedly, and not so easily back tracking because I see a good opportunity for a picture.



Getting caught up with the blog, or at least attempting. Thanks for being patient people!

More with my friends the Wilson's.


A Family

Here you are guys... I know you are dying to see some, so here is just a little peek at a few of them. There are plenty more not in the football getup's but those caught my eye while I was putting this together, and I didn't realize it until now. Enjoy: