Baby Stella

I'm in baby heaven around here.

My first little premi to work with, only weighing in at 4 lbs. She was so perfect in every way.
I'm sure she will be another blond haired beauty just like her Mom and those cute big brothers of hers!

Here's to baby Stella:


A Good Cause

Saturday July 31st 2010
Police & Fire appreciation 5k & Fun Run

I saw a poster sign for Cooper's Run about a month ago while out on a little jog and knew right then I wanted to participate in this. I grew up with the Koffords, and have always had a great appreciation for their strength, humor, and talents.

I'm terrible with words and could sit here for hours trying to figure out the right things to say. Instead I will direct you here to read what has already been so eloquently written.

Come be a part of it this Saturday!


A Special Day

A worthy day for celebration.
Today is my son's birthday.

See more pictures on our family blog here.
(Yes, I have a family blog and I've been keeping it a secret. Until now that is).


j family

I am in love with the interaction going on here, and how much these pictures accurately depict this family.


out of here.

I'm off to enjoy a relaxing weekend with my family here:

Should come back with some goodies.


Baby K

True Story:
While I was taking these pictures I was talking to this little man's Mom about how he is quite possibly one of the cutest baby boy's ever! Later, while editing them my son walked up to sit on my lap while I worked at the computer. He sat there for a second and said "oh Mom, he is sooo cute! Was I that cute when I was a baby?" (Hmm, how does one answer to that?... realizing quickly that this may be one of those moments you can get away with bending the truth). I replied "You were cute too buddy" to which he persisted "but was I cuter?" With him clearly not about to let it go I told him "Well, that's the beauty of it, every Mom thinks their kids are the cutest." What I didn't bother mentioning is that it might not always be true, and with that he was satisfied.
The end.


Baby Sister

If you can endure the heat through the pregnancy, summer is the perfect time to have a baby. No being trapped in the house in the cold, no limitations to going outside.
What is it about being outside that new babies love? There are so many calming elements outdoors that I think even the littlest ones must sense.


Sell Family

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...


Baby B Preview

Meet my cousin Dane & Natalie's newest addition.


A Girl And Her Dog

If I did more sessions like this life would be a dream.
Dogs are heaven in my eyes. (A well trained dog I might add).


Baby H | Orem Utah Newborn Photographer

Remember Mom from here.
Baby has now arrived and she is honestly one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. So small and dainty and she slept like a champ. Either these newborns or getting better, or I'm finally getting a handle on them. Maybe it's time to have my own little newbie if the later is true... on that thought, I'm guessing it's just the newborns. :)


T Girls | Utah Children's Photographer

I've had so much fun editing these because so many times I found myself looking at a picture and think: she looks just like her Mom. These dolls have one of the best mom's around in my opinion. Maybe that's why I always love it when I get to take their pictures.