Happy Haunting

Now go fill up those pillow cases with some goodies!




Can did | 'kandid |

1 truthful and straightforward; frank : his responses were remarkably candid | a candid discussion.
2 (of a photograph of a person) taken informally, esp. without the subject's knowledge.

How I love a candid picture.


D Fam

One more to share.

Baby H | Utah Newborn Photographer

My good friend's newest addition to her beautiful family, meet little Hazel:


Maija Rinne Family

Family that just knows how to rock it in front of the camera, check.

I did nothing to get them to pour their love out for each other, and had the honor of being there to witness as it so naturally just flowed.

Perfect evening, check.


Durrant Family

This is the second time I've had the pleasure of working with this beautiful family and put it together this time around that I went to school with Jen's little brother and his wife. I love it when I make a connection, it seems like there is always one once you dig into it.
About 20 minutes into this session the storms started blowing in, and they stuck around for the whole next week. Luckily there is no wasting time with this bunch, for Dad's sake I guess. :) We were able to blow right through this and finish just as the wind really started to blow.

Lifestyle Photographer

...I call myself.
To me, that means I want your pictures to be real.
I try to make your pictures pretty and artistic, but more than that - I want your pictures to make you feel something.
I want more than just a perfect picture of you standing with your family smiling for the camera, and while I think shots like this are important they aren't what speak.
I want your pictures to say something about who you are & what you love.
That is why a little portion of each session is now going to be devoted to just that.
Our goal is to go outside the NORM and do something for 10 minutes, that may be a little more unconventional.



What a beautiful and unique name for a such a sweet little baby girl.
She was awake for most of this session, but didn't cry once.
I think I'm in love.