I will be away for the rest of the week.
And by away I mean away from email and phone.
I will however be back Monday, relaxed and ready to come back to real life.
All contact will be continued then.

A little look at a fun outing I had the other night with a couple of other photographers/friends.
We met to meet. We shot each other. We had fun.

p.s. see more on Kiera's blog here.
she is so incredibly talented.



B e a u t i f u l


B Family Preview

On the way to this shoot I was thinking about how photography has pushed me. I thought back to my first shoot in Salt Lake over two years ago, and how nervous I was to drive in the "big city." I remember google mapping the directions and practically memorizing where I would be driving. It's those one way streets that had me terrified. Once I got over that fear, I learned it's actually nothing to be afraid of. No need to panic if I take a wrong turn. Which I did, I usually do. (Not the panic part, the wrong turn part). Thankfully Ashlie and her family were more than patient. Speaking of Ashlie & her family aren't they a fashionable group!? Mom is actually a photographer herself and knows how to work the whole picture day thing!



One to tease.



Let me connect the dots between how I know this handsome little guy.

His Dad & my husband work together.
I went to school with his uncle.
His Mom's cousin is a good friend of ours.
And that is where the connections lie.

...and I'm so glad they do because I will tell you, it's a treat to be able to photograph him!



I'm a little hesitant to draw attention to this.

Let's face it.
I've done it a little too much.

I'm telling you anyway.

I've made some changes to my look.

I know. I know.
Forgive me.
I love change. I can't help it.

I came home from wppi wanting to redo my look.
It needed it to represent more than just my work.
It needed to illustrate something about me.


What about me?

I knew the answer about as quickly as I asked myself the question.
Letters. Words.

I love the way they look.

It became a matter of how to do it.
Inspiration came. At the movie theatre of all places.

Ideas were written down.
Scratched out. And written down again.
And again.

Until it came together.
And oh how I love the way it came together.

Here to stick around awhile:

You like?
Come on my non commenting followers.
It's your turn. :)
I know, that's so annoying.
ahhh. Should I delete it?
Nope. It's done.

H Bridals

I couldn't be more excited for this upcoming wedding.
I love the way this couple connects and can't wait to capture a little more of it on their big day.


Field of Dreams

There is a place up high in the mountains where the wild flowers grow as far as the eye can see.
A place that while there, everything is right.

Other adventures from the trip here.

Jarvie Kids

A sneak peek for you...

And while we did get some with them all looking I'll make you sweat it out to see them cause I just love these ones so much.
Still love me? ;)



While I considered doing a redo of this picture to have freshly manicured feet, I decided that this is us and I won't pretend that our feet don't look like this 75% of the time.
I actually love it so much it will be an enlargement on the wall. Another pinky swear.


Fruit Dip

Try this little tip and it will take your fruit bowl to a whole new level I pinky swear!
The secret:
Add a little finely grated ginger root to some Limeade concentrate and pour it over your fruit.
Gently stir it around once or twice and serve.

The chip dip: (Not a family secret, it's actually from a friend - but it's a favorite)
1 can of white corn, rinsed and drained
1 can of black beans, rinsed and drained
1 or 2 tomatoes diced
1 or 2 large diced avocados
a bunch of green onions diced
1/2 bottle italian dressing
optional: cilantro

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and pour italian dressing over.
Mix together.


Glenn Fam

Kisha and I met through this friend awhile back. Turns out we share a love for photography and have become friends because of it. We went to Las Vegas together and have stayed in touch. Now she is expecting and will be adding another little one to her adorable family.


Wilding Family

My friend and her family: