C Money

This is my big brothers bf and his family. (Guys have bf's right?)
My brother is only a year older than me and my girlfriends were often his girlfriends and his guys friends were often my girlfriends "guy friends" - you get the point. We were all pretty close friends, so even though he is technically my brothers friend, he is mine as well. AND I love his wife! She is the nicest person and so easy to get along with. If they didn't live so far away I think we would be great friends. ;) And their baby is such a sweet little addition to them.
Thanks again you two - it was fun to see you!


V Babe

I want to squeeze her. Just look how lovable she is.


S Family

Love this family. Really. Their kids are my fave!


S Fam

My Sister with her boys.
This shoot went a little something like this:

Her twins are attached to her and were not about to do anything but glare at me.
Good thing older brother was ready to put on a show.

Seriously, check out how excited the little man on the left is. =)
I wonder if we heard his thoughts during this if they would have been something like "why is my Aunt jumping up and down, spinning in circles, and saying crazy things... Nothing is going to crack me. Just stop. Now."

Love you guys.


R Family

Annette is a friend of a friend who called me awhile back to set up this apt. We talked a few times over the phone, and when we met up it was fun to put a face to the voice... and what a beautiful face too! You and your family were so fun to meet! Thanks again you guys!



Two posts in one day... I am on a roll! (It's all for you Ana) :)
Here is a little taste of things to come:

One of my favorite friends who I am lucky to live just around the corner from:

And one from a session with one of my old friends from down South and their darling baby:


It's Updated

The wedding portion of my website is up to date, feel free to take a look:
(Go to Galleries> I Do Love (Brides & Weddings))

P.S. Doesn't this picture make you wish you could just reach right into the screen, pull the cake pop out, and eat it? Right now! My incredibly talented best friend makes the most beautiful and tasty treats. She could turn anything into a masterpiece and it's no joke. I had a hard time at this wedding staying focused to do my job, the dessert table was literally talking to me - calling me over by name. ;)


L Family

This family was one of my first families to take pictures of last fall, and now they have a new addition who is growing quickly. Not that long ago I took her newborn pictures, and also pictures of her with her siblings. It's so fun for me because I'm now a familiar face, and the little ones actually like me! (Or so I like to think).


Merrily + Scott Married {Utah Wedding Photographer}

My sweet friend Merrily tied the knot! She had such a beautiful wedding day and reception. There are so many pictures I LOVE! Perfect lighting. Perfect temperature.
I hope you are having a great time honeymooning. When you get back and settled in, you'll have some awesome pictures to look through!

They left in the sweetest car! I am kicking myself that I didn't get pictures of them with the car beforehand. It would have been great!

Love ya.


Baby DD

I went to school this this little guys Mom & Dad, so it was fun to get a call from them. They are both big sports fans and had a request to get pictures of him with a football, basketball, and baseball. Poor little guy was having an off day and had a hard time getting to sleep. I think we did a great job getting some shots on the ever so uncomfortable balls. He really was a champ for me! Thanks again. Brooke & Matt, you've done good! (and I do have to put in my two cents... after spending more time looking over these pictures while editing them, I've decided he is a mini Matt! Especially in those bottom B&W's!)


Whitney & Scott's Wedding

Two seriously sweet people here. So relaxed and so in love.
Congrats you two, I'm so glad you found each other!!


Michelle + Ben Sneak Peek

I've had three beautiful weddings over the last three weeks.
Here's one from this past weekend:

P.S. I have a slightly new look with an updated header. Check it out!
Expect the wedding portion of my website to be updated soon too.


Ben + Michelle

Cute couple. Can't wait to photograph the big day!