Baby M | Utah Newborn Photographer

One Saturday a couple of weeks ago just after finishing an early morning session I got a phone call from this beautiful little baby's Mom. She went into labor early and in the rush of things hadn't gotten newborn pictures taken. She hoped to get something that day or the following Monday. I told them to come on over, and within an hour we were busy doing this:


G | Utah Family Photographer

Playing a little game of catch up. Ok, it will be a big game if I'm really going to do it. This is cute little G. I got to take pictures of her with her new baby sister and family a few months back.


Trev + Lisa | Engagements

My baby brother and lovely fiancé were kind enough to let me take their pictures on what turned out to be a freezing cold, windy, Winter, Sunday afternoon. Brrr. I get cold just thinking about it. It certainly was breathtaking beautiful though. I only wish that it could have lasted longer.

Trevor & Lisa:


Valentine Mini Session | Mon Amour

What a success this years Valentine Shoot was! A huge thank you again to all of you that made it just that. It's been such a long time since I've been diligent in keeping up on posting pictures here, I've forgotten just how time consuming it is. Do take the time to look through these! The kids are worth it, and it took me forever!! ;)