Valentine Cards

Someone asked my son the other day if he had a girlfriend. It was SO funny to see his reaction. He sat there and thought about it for a good few seconds, and then it was like a light went off. His whole body reacted as he laughed and said "NOOOO!" (Like, eew - gross!)

He had his Valentine Party today for preschool.
Here are the cards we made up for him:
(Idea was from my creative Sister In Law, who saw it on this fantastic blog).

The back looked like this:


The Bowldens said…
Camilla Binks said…
How cute! I've been planning to take Valentine sucker pics of my girls but not like that! That's so creative!
mickisha said…
Love it! You are so much more fun than I am Jessie! I didn't do any Valentines for Claire to give out. I am taking cupcakes on Monday, how generic of me:)
Jayme said…
Oh my gosh! How cute is that?? You are so talented! Really, I love your stuff!

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