Self Portrait

I learned about a group on Facebook: "The Photo Challenge" through this talented photographers blog and joined it myself.
We are given a weekly challenge/assignment to participate in.
Can I just tell you how excited I am to be doing this!!!
It's just what I have been needing to push myself back to taking pictures just for fun... for ME. (I take them all the time of my kids for myself, but that's not the same).

This week: Self Portraits; focusing on simplicity, & intriguing lighting
Sounds simple right?
It's not that easy to get a picture of yourself in focus, at an angle that you look great, with good composition - without being behind the camera! At least not for me.
But it was a great learning experience.
I now know what angles I shouldn't be photographed: close up, mug shot! ;)


Kris said…
Jessie, you are so pretty. Love the photos.
gina bina said…
I love love LOVE the top one. Gorgeous!
Casey Martinez said…
These are great and I totally agree, self portrait challenges are super tough. Half the time just getting the camera to focus on me remotely is a pain:). Great job!!
j e s s i e said…
*Insert BIG smile here
Thanks you guys! I will have to post my outtakes sometime just to prove that catching the right angle makes all the difference. HAHA
The Bowldens said…
you look amazing girl! i love the long hair!!!
Whitney said…
Jessie is one sexy maaaaa! ;) Love ya!
Wildings said…
Jess, you are gorgeous!
love these. you look amazing :)
Lindsey said…
These are awesome. Love the first one!
mickisha said…
Jess these are fabulous! The first and second are my favorite, but what a great storyboard. You look great!
cathy said…
These are great, you look great-I love your hair, the color, style, everything!
Ana Wilson said…
What a sexy momma you are!!!!
You are so beautiful! I always said i have the most beautiful friends, and I DO!!!!!
you're gorgeous!!! love them
Cole said…
Some of your best yet. ;)

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