Two Smiles

These two adorable blondes are my cousins little girls.
The littlest one is a character. She was so funny to try to get to smile. After a little while of pictures on Mom's lap I had her warmed up. Sometimes I have to trick the kids and make them think they are doing something else other than taking pictures. A little distraction never hurt.
As for big sister, she is on her way toward a modeling career if she chooses. She is a little poser and I couldn't get enough of her.


oh my gosh, if adi weren't in that post i don't know if i would have realized that's kennedy. she's getting so big! very cute, jess and cute kiddos, rach!
My nieces are SO funny! Jess you hit it on the head...addie is such a poser!and Kenadie is a stink...but so dang cute!!

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