Labor Day Discount

With it being Labor Day and all, I'm going to touch on a matter of business.

Think ahead for a moment. Think Christmas.
Remember those cards we all love to send out & get, and how Grandma & Grandpa always love an updated picture of those they love most?
Now think if you've already got those lined up?

Saturdays are almost filled, so if you want one take a moment right now and grab it.
Did you do it?
Weekday evenings are available as well.
Prices are found on my website under details > investment. Remember to check them out as I've made a slight change.

Thank you to everyone who has already scheduled!
Happy Labor Day!

Speaking of Labor Day, how about a Labor Day Special!?!
Schedule a session Monday September 6th - Wednesday the 8th before 10 pm for Fall 2010 and get 10% off your session price.

Now did you do it? :)

And for your browsing pleasure, today I give you my older brother's family:


these are FANTASTIC!!!! love the fam!
such a beautiful family! cute, CUTE!
Tuttles said…
Well dagum! I love those!
Ashley said…
I love how Lauren changes her hair so much. It always looks so cute :)
Oh, and I love these family pics. I can't wait to have you do ours...
Wildings said…
Super cute! I can't believe how big Mason and Harper are getting!

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