Chipman Family

It's always fun when you come to a shoot ready to meet the family you will be working with and you already know them, only didn't make the connection! Candace is a friend of my brother, and because of her married name I didn't connect the dots when we were talking back and forth through email. I was pleasantly surprised when I got out of the car and thought she looks SO familiar!
I loved the light this beautiful location has to offer, the sense of humor this family has, and being reminded how different it to work with a group of adults that actually hold still and do just as you say.

Candace brought this rug (one that I dream of owning I might add) to incorporate into her pictures. I love the idea of bringing something from your home to personalize your pictures, and would encourage everyone to do the same.
I can picture this picture hanging on the wall in the same room this rug is displayed.


Kiera said…
I want a picture exactly like the first one of me and my hubby. It is GORGEOUS.
Candace said…
Ahh they are so fun to look at. Thanks again! You are a delight to work with.

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