Shannon and I contacted each other awhile back. I don't remember exactly how we found each other, somehow online. We commented on each others blogs occasionally. Time went by without contact and then one day I had an email from her asking me to take her family pictures! Let me just say, when another photographer asks me to take their family pictures I feel an onset of emotions. First are the butterflies. Followed by the butterflies & then some more butterflies. All at the same time! (I do have to throw gratitude in there somewhere as well).

My favorite part of this session was hard to narrow down, but was the blanket that Shannon brought. It was made from pieces of her mothers clothing who passed away last year. I got a little lump in my throat as I quickly choked back emotion and silently connected with her.
On a lighter note, another favorite was watching their dog jump over this little hill of dirt! It was seriously cool and very entertaining!


Casey Martinez said…
I'm so jealous of all the cool locations you have around you for photo sessions...we are a bit limited here unless I drive a good distance. I guess I have to move to NC;). Awesome pic~!
Thanks Jessie! We couldn't be happier!

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