The Winner Is:

First I have to say you all rock! This was a great success with tons of comments and emails coming in.
I added up the rest of the votes this evening around 9:00 and I swear on everything there was a tie. Ask my hubby, he was next to me when I blurted out something like "ha!"
I wanted to call both people to tell them to get more people to vote, but I thought I would let nature takes it's course.
Here is how it played out:

First place: #1 with 44 votes

Second place: #16 with 42 votes

Third place: #9 with 23 votes

Please email me to claim your prizes!

I love you all and think all your families are the greatest. Thanks so much for making 2009 such a great one for me. Cheers to 2010 baby!


Lisa and DJ said…
Oh my gosh...I want to cry. :( I guess 2nd place is good too. :)
Liz said…
Jessie, I won! Wait...3rd place! Good enough for me! Thank you!!
That is awesome! We are super excited! Jessie you are the BEST!

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