The Cutest J Around

I can't get enough of this little guy. When ever I hear his voice I just want him to keep talking. I love his little husky voice, and how he talks like an adult. He had the best stories to tell and would sit and laugh as he was telling them. What a cute boy! I already want to take his pictures again so that I can hear him again.
Thanks you guys!

p.s. please be patient while I play around with logo and watermark.
I think this may be the final watermark - but I make no promises. I know it's stark and noticeable and I know many people say not to do that... but hey, I feel the need. So there you have it. ;)


Ashley said…
Such cute pictures. I love that you get a sense of his personality from these. Nice job
i LOVE the one where hes wearing the dogers hat. whats a cute kid!

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