This is my son's pre-school teacher and her beautiful family.
I'm happy to introduce them as such because she is the best! Seriously.
We did this shoot at my Aunt's house in case the weather was bad. We were lucky and ended up with great weather and were able to go outside for some great shots.


Lindsey said…
These are really great Jess! You had some great out door lighting and a really handsome family to take pictures of. Hope you're doing well!
cathy said…
Wow-I keep having to look again and figure out which one is the mother! Lucky women.
Ashley said…
All these are so great. What a beautiful family! I'll have to compliment Ms. Ann :)
The Bowldens said…
i cant believe how big the girls have gotten! i knew them all when they were so young and little. i am glad you did their photos. i was hoping to while i was out there but couldnt =(

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