Merrily + Scott Married {Utah Wedding Photographer}

My sweet friend Merrily tied the knot! She had such a beautiful wedding day and reception. There are so many pictures I LOVE! Perfect lighting. Perfect temperature.
I hope you are having a great time honeymooning. When you get back and settled in, you'll have some awesome pictures to look through!

They left in the sweetest car! I am kicking myself that I didn't get pictures of them with the car beforehand. It would have been great!

Love ya.


gina bina said…
Great pics Jess! I'll never forget how cute they looked hopping around the dance floor together...
So happy for them.
yes, they were some seriously entertaining dancers! and i love tiff's face in the sparkler photo. it's so her! i just want to know what she's saying to scott-something totally questionable, i bet!

great job!
Natlee Lloyd said…
So fun! I love the one with the sparklers, look at Tiffs facial expression;)

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