Baby DD

I went to school this this little guys Mom & Dad, so it was fun to get a call from them. They are both big sports fans and had a request to get pictures of him with a football, basketball, and baseball. Poor little guy was having an off day and had a hard time getting to sleep. I think we did a great job getting some shots on the ever so uncomfortable balls. He really was a champ for me! Thanks again. Brooke & Matt, you've done good! (and I do have to put in my two cents... after spending more time looking over these pictures while editing them, I've decided he is a mini Matt! Especially in those bottom B&W's!)


Diana said…
So sweet! What a great baby to let you do those fun poses:)Oh how I love little boys!!!
gina bina said…
Um yeah! He's a Downs for sure. Cute cute baby! I like the one with his hand up on the basketball. Lil balla.
Brooke said…
Thanks again Jessie we love the pics. I have had a lot of people compliment the cute pics! It was fun to see you and sorry again for the little guy being a pain:(

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