It's Updated

The wedding portion of my website is up to date, feel free to take a look:
(Go to Galleries> I Do Love (Brides & Weddings))

P.S. Doesn't this picture make you wish you could just reach right into the screen, pull the cake pop out, and eat it? Right now! My incredibly talented best friend makes the most beautiful and tasty treats. She could turn anything into a masterpiece and it's no joke. I had a hard time at this wedding staying focused to do my job, the dessert table was literally talking to me - calling me over by name. ;)


gina bina said…
Wow! Thanks for the props Jess. I just totally got sucked into watching all of the galleries on your site. You do such amazing work.
Two Wheeler said…
Yes Jess, very good work!
Ashley said…
I love this picture. Can't wait to check out the updates.
brit said…
this picture is amazing!

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