I loved this weeks "photography tips for your weekend" from DPS

My favorite tip:

It means ‘thinking’ about your photography – planning shots, setting yourself challenges and then critically reflecting upon the photos you take to work out how you could improve

Great, Great article on how to use inspiration shots from other photographers.
I will be honest here and say I can totally relate to doing this. I think back on my first sessions. I would be prepared with all these different "poses" in my mind. Only to come home and notice the pictures were missing the magic I had seen in other photographs.
I've found when I take control of the shoot, with a little direction but allow people to be natural, is when I get the "magic" shots.
I improved so much when I finally let go, and just watched for the moments that were already happening around me. It also made me more confident as photographer.
It's liberating to create. To feel like you are the creator of your image.

Have a great Easter weekend!
I plan on following another tip as well: picking up your camera and taking it with you - everywhere


i hear ya! when i first started out i would stay up at night thinking of poses. now i just a general idea in my head and i sort of direct (i will place, but not pose), but let things happen on their own. it's organic, and real, and i LOVE it that way.
Anonymous said…
Thanks that is so true you dont always need the poses but they always sure make it more magical IF you can get them to do it! thanks for the links and the tips!
Casey Martinez said…
Now that I have a new baby girl around I am wanting to take pictures of her constantly and these were great tips! I like the suggestion to let go and maybe even plan less so that things can go more naturally. I need to get better at that because I know it would be more fun for me too! Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter to your family!

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