blossoms are on

i've promised a few of you that i would let you know when the blossoms are on in the orchards... and it's officially that time.

contact me asap if you would like pictures with the blossoms.
i expect them to be around for the next couple of weeks at most.



Tuttles said…
I do! Crap, I live in Idaho!
Diana said…
That is better than the fall leaves. Man I have got to vhange the time of year I do my family pictures!!!
Diana said…
Should have said "CHANGE":)
j e s s i e said…
Diana... when I read your "should have said "change" first and my first thought was "oh crap, I made another grammar mistake!"
It's all clear now :)
Good talking today!

Lauren, You should hop in the car and drive on down. You will die when you see the pics I'm doing of the kids tomorrow. I wish you where here to do them the same idea of all the grandkids together.
Jolynne said…
I would love a couple of pictures of my baby girl with the blossoms!!! How much, when and where?!
You can email me batjol at hotmail

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