change of plans: for now my new website is no longer existing. please enjoy my original website, and i will enjoy being able to actually get into my email and receive them from you!
long story short, it's been a major let down for me considering I wasted countless hours putting it together.

until i update pricing on my original website here is how it has changed:

new sessions available:
head shots ($30.00 your favorite three images)
studio mini sessions ($100.00 your favorite 10 images, $50.00 per additional child; 5 additional pictures per child scheduled).

studio mini sessions are perfect for growth landmarks such as 6 months, birthdays or any special occasion, and are available weekdays after 2:00 pm.

wedding prices have also changed... I now have a new package offered.
That will be announced soon.


Joey&Casey said…
oh man, I'm so sorry to hear about the time invested in the website only for things not to work. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be...on top of other emotions. Hope the next thing works out smoothly!
J E S S I E said…
thanks! when you get around to setting up a website don't go with bludomain. having been with a different company and seeing how easy this whole process is, i know how this should all play out. it's been a nightmare getting this all sorted out, and i'm not happy at all about it.

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