new website up. email down

my new website is launched and will be up and running within the next day or two.
(crossing my fingers that it's sooner)
get on there and take a look around. make sure to note the new studio mini sessions that i am now offering ALL THE TIME. that's great news right!!

in the mean time my email might be down for a day or two.
please be patient during this time.


...and a few pictures of my Ella celebrating her birthday:


Ashley said…
Hey jess,
Checked out the site. Love it. I couldn't find the mini sessions though???
j e s s i e said…
weid. They are under investment with the other sessions. I believe it's the second one listed, highlighted in yellow.
Ashley said…
Well when I looked the first time your new site DID NOT appear. It was your old one :) I thought you had just changed pictures or something. But the new one looks great and I did find the mini sessions!

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