New Studio Backdrops

I've had a few recent calls about studio sessions and the different backdrops I have available.
My studio space is a natural light studio for the time being, and is quite small. At this time I don't do family sessions in it. When that changes I will let you all know.
I just got a few new ones, take a look:
(And please excuse the models. Trying to get your own kids to take pictures can sometimes be a nightmare. This was one of those times. So much so in fact that I'm not going to attempt a reshoot for awhile. I'm still recovering. haha)

Also, I've created a label on my sidebar for previous posts done with any of my studio backdrops for those wanting to see examples of what I've done and have available. This can be helpful when planning outfits. (AND the two different pink tutu's seen in some posts are available for use when doing a session with me.)


Ashley said…
What??? Those are the cutest models I've ever seen ;)

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