A Fam Damly

You would never know what went into getting this shot by looking at it!!
Let's just say a little sweat, and tears. Luckily no blood. LUCKILY.
Cute family right!


wait-is this before or after? good thing you had fruit snacks. every time i picture the collision i can't stop laughing. just keeping on with the anderson family pic tradition! i can't wait to see the rest-love it!
j e s s i e said…
Liz, It's after can you believe that! AND I didn't even switch heads. True story. :) It was the last shot, and I can't tell you how happy I was to see that smile on her face when I came to it! I caught her looking and smiling. haha
Two Wheeler said…
man, it sounds like we need to hear this story.
j e s s i e said…
Brad. hmmm... better ask Steve sometime.
Minnow said…
bd-ask gina. i told her today. keep it on the DL. steve's afraid that child services will come after him ;)
gina bina said…
LOL, I love hearing about all the drama that goes into a photo shoot. Especially when the pics are as cute as these!
Lovely :)

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