Stokoe Family

In 2008 I lost a years worth of blog posts. My first session with the Stokoe family was among them. For fun look back to the second time I shot this family in 2009.
It's fun to look back at my work from when I first started seven years ago and realize I've come a long way. Especially when I start feeling like I'm just not where I want to be. Good reminder I guess:  Progress is a life long journey. Now if I can only remember that.
Also, I looked back hoping to link to each post over the years and I'm realizing the worth of being a consistent blogger. Grrrrr.
Also, again - I love this family.


Anonymous said…
It's crazy to me it's been that long. Every session is my new fav, but that first session has a special place in my heart. You have huge amounts of talent and inspire me often! -Sarah

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