Everyday Beauty Workshop

I just finished Ginger Unzueta's EVERYDAY BEAUTY WORKSHOP through THE BLOOM FORUM. Last year I stumbled onto her work following a string of photographers that take part in a project known as CHERISH THIS DAY. Finding her work and the collaborative projects she takes part in not only motivated me to push my business in the direction I have always envisioned it, but inspired me as a mother. I poured my heart into taking genuine meaningful pictures of not only my family, but my clients families. Pictures that would mean something to the mother of the people in the pictures, like my own do to me. I stopped looking at others work for guidance prior to a shoot and followed my heart. THE best thing I EVER did. A lot more preparation and thought went into each session. As a result I am happy with my work. It feels genuine and a part of me. I still have so much to learn and I am thankful for the three weeks spent with Ginger during her workshop. She is amazing.

I feel very blessed and grateful and excited that I was  featured on her blog - along with other students from our class!!
I was also featured on the bloom forum.

During the three weeks of her class outline I took a lot of pictures. If my camera wasn't in my hand it was close by as I was constantly searching for artistic opportunities. Below are images that were submitted for assignments as well as the ones that were not. I will forever be thankful for the time spent behind the camera at the start of this new year and the memories documented as a result.

Forgive me for the length of this post. I debated breaking these up into more of the class outline, but I am just going to share them all together now. A lot of these pictures were meant to tell a story and I couldn't bring myself to only pick one.



mickisha said…
Love, love, love! You are such a beautiful story teller Jess and such an amazing person. Its a gift how you can draw people into your life through your pictures!
gina bina said…
So beautiful Jess! Love seeing your work take new meaning and poise for your life.
Loved getting to know you during our time together. Your work is so beautiful and tells a lovely story of your life as a family.
Unknown said…
these are wonderful. perfection.
Ron Boucher said…
This is your best work yet and truly defining yourself within it. Nice job!

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