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"Happiness, not in another place, but this place... not for another hour, but for this hour." 
-Walt Whitman

If I could choose a quote to sum up how I have felt the last month or so, this would be it.
I am quite content with the life that I live. It is good. It is what I choose to see. What I choose to make of it.

The voice I hear each morning of my baby talking from her crib. The little hand of my son that is always resting on me if I am anywhere within his reach. The music I hear everyday at 2:45 pm from the garage before I ever hear the door open and close, means my husband is home. The sound of my daughters footsteps walking down the hall every evening after everyone has gone to bed and she refuses to. 

Those beds that did not get made before they were off to school. The messes that are made by the breathing minute. The hands that hit. The voices that fight and defend. The garden that dried up because I neglected it. 

I'll take it all. The perfection along with the imperfection. 
Because it is what makes up this life of mine.
Right here. Right now. I will cherish this day.


Unknown said…
I needed that! Not only did that make me feel better but I was smiling at all the pictures! You are the best mom!!
Andrea said…
You really are the best mom! Gorgeous kids, home, photography and spirit to the whole message!
mickisha said…
Jess these are amazing! What a wonderful glimpse of your life! Your words and images capture life as a mom and inspire me to be more than I am! And enjoy every minute of it! Thank you!
Two Wheeler said…
Beautiful, just beautiful!
Unknown said…
You're amazing. I want to be you!

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