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Over the years I've changed my mantra a few times...

"Love the life you live"
Jessie O'Neal  |  Lifestyle Photographer
Genuine. Lifestyle. Photography.

While the words have changed, one thing remains the same:  my desire to capture real moments. 
I've purposefully labeled myself as a lifestyle photographer and yet I can't help but feel like I've been somewhat of a coward fulfilling the roll. I've continually let years go by allowing pressure from circumstances guide me instead of creating situations that open ideal opportunities for me professionally. 
Inside the family home and it's surroundings is my ideal.
It is where life as you know it is being created and taking place.
"Our Lives are the sum of each moment and interaction. Each day we work, eat, laugh, teach, play, read, remember... and work at it all again the next day. Within seemingly small moments we find opportunity to build relationships, develop character, find joy. For the price of our time. Life's most essential possibilities are realized at home." -seeing the everyday. 
It is where you share, you teach, you grow, you learn, you serve.
What better place is there to be photographed, together with the ones you love? 
And yet when suggested, we almost run in the opposite direction.
We are often apprehensive to the idea of opening our home for documentation and I get it. Society teaches us to show only our best self. I argue that real is best. Trust that one day you will appreciate the imperfections. The picture that would have been perfect if only little miss didn't strike that pose, or make that face will years later be treasured. The very thing you once viewed as an imperfection will remind you of a time when she was wild and carefree. Imperfections will be forgotten. Genuine behavior shines through and that is what will be remembered and appreciated for years to come.


Ashley Thalman said…
WHATTTTTT? These are fantastic Jessie! Way to go!
Ashley said…
Best pictures yet. I love what you had to say. Can't wait to get ”real” pictures of my family.
Andrea said…
So Gorgeous! I love them!
mickisha said…
Beautiful pictures and beautiful words Jessie! Always love your posts!
Casey Martinez said…
yes I agree 100% real is BEST and you have captured them and their real life of joy and family love PERFECTLY!! What a fantastic post:)
Holly said…
Love, love, love! Thank you again a million times over. These moments are just perfect and I am so happy to have them forever documented!
Anonymous said…
these are amazing!!! I love the natural shots in the home- so beautiful and real
IMF said…
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