Baby P

My friends Gina and Brad have long awaited this little angel.
I have this memory of us sitting around on our sofa seven years ago when they came to meet our first born. Followed by many more memories of them loving and supporting us and our friends through all the pregnancy's and births over the years. Now, seven years later I'm thrilled that my husband and I finally got the chance to sit on their sofa and witness our dear friends being a Mother and Father to their precious little Bee. I was also fortunate to photograph & video this little threesome and let me just tell you, the love is so strong you can taste it!

So here's to Phoebe! Love you guys.


Two Wheeler said…
Love it Jess, you've done great! Thanks so much!
Anonymous said…
These pictures of Phoebes are seriously UNREAL. You truly are the baby whisperer!
Shumways said…
That is really touching. I love it and she is beautiful. ~Karin

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