I've got a lot to do today before I'm off to Girls Camp for the next couple of days... but all I want to do is sit here and laugh at these pictures.
Oh how I miss being a little kid... being care free, playing all day long and being silly while we do it.
Not caring what others may think. At what point do we let the world take this from us?
Really living has been on my mind a lot as of late.
Not just getting by day to day.
All or nothing... I'm giving it my all.
So here's to turning up the volume on the music.
I'm gonna enjoy a little more and care a little less!!!!
Relax. Because really, what's the big deal?
Who's with me!?

Happy Weekend!
I'm starting a day early.


Kiera said…
I'm totally with you!
Kris said…
Love this post! I agree with you. Why do we have to live by so many rules and not just spend every day being relaxed and having fun! I haven't made my kids do chores all week and we have baked goodies, swam every day and slept in late. AWESOME!
mickisha said…
Ha Ha! How did you get those to stay on? No one enjoys life to the fullest more than little kids. I totally know what you are saying. Its so easy to get stuck in "the routine". Thanks for sharing!
lauren valeen said…
I am dying those pictures are soooooooooooooooooo funny. Oh my land I'm dead! So gr8 Jessie.
Life is to be enjoyed....Those are soooo stinkin' cute I love them ALL!

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