Kaaihue Family

Spring is upon us and I am starting to feel back in the swing of things.
Taking pictures. Check.
Blogging them. Double Check...

Everything about this family was enjoyable!
Love me some Kaaihue's!

P.S. Side note... Dad is being deployed in the next little while.
Special thanks to him and all who serve to protect our freedom!


Casey Martinez said…
welcome back;0. I love that feeling of getting back into the swing of things...spring is here! yeah! Beautiful family session!
Kiera said…
AHHH! Thats my sweet friend Natalie!! Gorgeous family. I had no idea her hubs was in the military. Jessie, these photos are so GREAT! NIcely done.
Ashley said…
These are so good. What a cute family. I love how cute the mom and dad are!

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