Achievement has been on my mind for the past couple of months.
Could be the new year. Probably is.
For whatever reason it's been weighing on me more so than normal.
There are too many things I find myself wanting to improve on and never seem to find/make the time to do so.
I've committed to making a simple monthly goal, in hopes that it will cary over into the next month as I start another. You know, the whole "it takes 21 days to create a habit"
I'm crossing my fingers there is truth to it.
As a new month has already crept up on me, I've been considering what this months betterment should be.
My decision is that my focus will be on documenting the moments that are passing quickly.
Journaling. Picture style.
Making sure I document the small day to day things I forget to soon.
I feel strongly that if I look deeper for an idea to take a picture that sums up something significant that happened that day, It will force me to pay more attention.
Which in effect, applies last months efforts to slow down and really look at my life with appreciation.

To follow my month of documenting, visit my family blog here.


gina bina said…
Let's see some self portraits too :)

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